Often the struggles of life can become overwhelming. Sometimes you may wonder if things can ever

get better — you can heal from past hurts, get through tough situations, and adjust to new realities.

There is hope for you and your family — life can be all that you wish for.


~ John Berkowitz




Our Work Together


Working with John Berkowitz and his associates


A trusting, collaborative relationship between a client and his or her therapist lies at the core of effective treatment.ᅠ I work from the assumption that you, the client, are the expert on your life. With that as our starting point, it is my job as the therapist to help you first identify, and then create the kinds of lasting, positive change you desire in your life and relationships. Our initial session will have three primary purposes.ᅠ First, I'll try to help you feel comfortable with talking to me.ᅠ Many people initially find it hard to share personal information with a stranger, so part of our process is to work together to build a rapport.ᅠ Second, we'll talk at length about the sorts of problems that you're experiencing. We assess not just the problems, but also the strengths that help you cope in times of difficulty. Third, I will consult with you about the various strategies we might use to address the problems you are experiencing.


As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I have been a therapist for over thirteen years. I am passionate about my work, and am interested in hearing your story, helping you find new and effective ways to manage your life, and partnering with you to work toward happier tomorrows.


My style is warm, respectful and interactive. I will work with you to understand your strengths and challenges, and help you figure out new ways of understanding and interacting. If it seems useful, we can look together at your past, helping you gain insight into yourself, your behavior, and your relationships. We can work individually to promote your personal growth and happiness, or as a family unit with your loved ones present. Understanding family dynamics, learning healthier styles of communication and breaking old patterns are key to your healing.


I provide services to clients with a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, and treatment issues.ᅠ I often draw upon empirically based treatment modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gestalt Psychotherapy (GP), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). For couples work I'm trained in Imago Therapy and Gottman therapy. While brief solution focused therapy (8 to 20 sessions) is often sufficient to help clients resolve specific issues, I also offer long-term therapy for clients seeking insight and clarity regarding identity and interpersonal relationships.

Ms. Ondov holds an MS, and a diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kean University. She is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and an affiliate of the Relationship Coaching Institute. She has been counseling couples, families, and individuals (children, teens and adults), as well as running groups for over 10 years. She specializes in couples in crisis, and parenting, and has developed and run the Parenting Certificate program for Catholic Charities. Ms. Ondov has experience addressing depression, PTSD, anxiety, behavior disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, paranoia, low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, encopresis, and borderline personalities. She has also worked with foster family and adoption adjustment, family reunification, drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation, anger management, domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse survivors, social reintegration, effective communication, infidelity, grief recovery, stress, and relationship, parenting, and life skills. Ms. Ondov uses a variety of techniques including CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic, psycho-educational, structural, family systems, solution-focused, Parent Management Training, and play therapy. Ms. Ondov has been married for over 30 years, and has two grown sons.

Bijay Minhas is a highly resourceful, energetic and motivated consultant who has worked in the area of Social Work and Diversity and Inclusion for over 30 years.


A recognized coach, workshop leader, presenter and instructor, Bijay has consistently delivered results. Her clients have varied from individuals, families, community groups, small organizations to larger corporations.


She enjoys bringing a creative fresh angle to any challenge, with an eye for detail and a unique style and problem solving skills. She puts in the extra mile required to ensure positive outcomes for her clients.


Bijay has an engaging presentation style, which audiences connect with.  She is an exceptionally good communicator who stimulates active learning through story-telling and real-life experiences. She is multi-lingual and dedicated to practicing yoga, mindfulness and holistic wellbeing.


Bijay has designed, delivered and evaluated a broad range of impressive and cutting edge diversity programs and personal development workshops. She has also coached social care practitioners and top executives navigating through complex challenges in the vast arena of diversity, inclusion, cultural competence and unconscious bias.


She has joined forces with a group of like-minded professionals to develop a range of personal & professional development workshops across the globe in countries such as USA, UK, UAE (Dubai) and India.

Andrea Stefens is a creative arts therapist with a focus in drama therapy. She has a masters degree from the NYU Drama Therapy program, has earned the designation of Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) from the North American Drama Therapy Association and holds a New York State Creative Arts Therapy license (LCAT). Through her work Andrea has had the honor of being trusted by a wide range of populations: children, teens, families, women in domestic violence shelters, the homeless, the acutely mentally ill, adults with traumatic brain injuries, people with chemical addictions, women who have experienced traumatic pregnancies, and Holocaust survivors. Her passion in life is helping people access their natural strengths and work through their struggles in a way which is both engaging and non-judgmental. She does this by utilizing an eclectic blend of modalities: psychotherapy, drama therapy, music, poetry, songwriting, art, and sandtray.


Andrea wants you to know that you don't have to be an artist of any kind to work with a creative arts therapist. You just need the desire to explore your life to live it more fully.


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